(Srpski) ЦЕРН у Србиjи 2014

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(Srpski) ЦПН у Ђердапу

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CPN in Raška

On August 17, CPN visited Raška, marking the event ”Raške duhovne svečanosti”

CPN in Obrenovac

After the terrible floods that affected Obrenovac, in May this year, CPN launched the event ”Summer in Obrenovac”. The idea of the event is to present the interactive scientific program to the people of Obrenovac 

Horizon 2020 and SMEs

A large number of entrepreneurs answered the CPN’s call to attend the program ”Horizon on Thursdays” on July 17 (VIDEO, REPORT WITH PRESENTATIONS) 

Horizon 2020 and the Media

The program ”Horizon on Thursdays” was initiated by the CPN on July 10 2014, with the goal to present the biggest European funding program for science

CPN panel on HAARP

The largest number of attendants at the Science Club so far, was marked during the CPN’s panel on HAARP 

Children Science Club

CPN started a science season during the summer break and opened a Children Science Club, which will last until July 18

Science Day 2014

Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Srđan Verbić attended the presentation of Horizon 2020 at the CPN’s Science Club. Among numerous events, panel on HAARP attracted the biggest audience so far

Children Science Camp at Viminacijum

CPN organized Children Science Camp this year, as well 

CPN on the streets

CPN organized trainings for their science demonstrators, and it ended with them going out on the streets and interacting with passers-by, in front of the Science Club.

Panel on Football

During the World Football Championship, CPN organized a panel ”Science in football”, on Thursday, June 26, at the Big Hall of SKC (Student’s Cultural Center).

CPN visiting Minister Verbić’s office

After being successful at the European Student Parliament, in Copenhagen, participants visited the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development

CPN in Copenhagen

 Jelena Glišić, the First Belgrade Gymnasium student, won a ”Lundbeck” Foundation prize, at this year’s European Student Parliament.

CPN in Senta

CPN visited Senta, second time in two years.

CPN in Zaječar

CPN’s portable planetarium visited Zaječar, where 500 participants enjoyed astronomy

Living with Animals

During the exhibition, marking the Day of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, from June 3-9, the CPN’s Science Club opens its door not only to people, but to their pets as well.

What is M3

”May, the Month of Math”, third in a row, lasted from May 14-31, with a seven day break, due to the emergency situation. 

M3 panel on Alan Turing

Marking the 60th anniversary of Alan Turing’s death, the CPN organized a panel, at the ending of ”May,Month of Mathematics”, on Saturday, May 31. 

SEEDI Conference at CPN

Within ”May, Month of Mathematics”, the 9th SEEDI international conference was held under the name ”Digitization of Scientific and Cultural Heritage”. 


Science as an event

Popular science events and exhibitions are broad ranging, exciting and available to everyone. Each season, a new wave of interaction, fun and knowledge is being triggered by a variety of interesting subjects, such as: robots, forests, animals, CERN, ground breaking technology, and, of course, math.

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science through discussion

Popular science CPN panels are always a nice opportunity to spend some quality time. Carefully produced, with stimulating, up-to-date topics and renowned lecturers, CPN panels attract great attention of media and a great number of visitors, as well.

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Reading about science

Famous writers, scientists and promoters explain the world in a different manner - using everyday language, with transparency and clarity. They speak of new ideas, scientific paradigms and human knowledge, in general. CPN publications are available, attention-grabbing and rich in content.

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Science on the road

CPN’s portable planetarium is one of the Center’s major programs. The planetarium calls upon cities across Serbia, bringing knowledge, joy and expanding horizons of students living in remote areas.

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