CPN Panel About Mars

CPN organized a panel, hosting astronomers, science popularizers and even one of the Serbian candidates for the Mars mission, where they placed emphasis on the issue of space settlement

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The Big Hall of SKC (Student Cultural Center) hosted another CPN Panel titled ” Man in Space: Settling” on Wednesday, March 26, at 7pm. The main theme of the panel was the possibility of immigrating to space and establishing a settlement on another celestial body.

What will the travel to Mars in 2024 look like? What kind of conditions can we expect to find on The Red Planet? Where will the settlers live, what will they eat, how will they do research on Mars? Why are they going there in the first place, and is there a way to come back home? These were just some of many questions answered at the panel organized by CPN, titled: ”Man in Space: Settling”.


цпн трибина

Besides considering the technological aspects of this endeavor, like, is today’s technology able to cope with all the challenges of this hostile environment, the panelists discussed negative impacts of open space on human organism. They also talked about all the space missions done so far, and man’s psychological need and aspiration to expand his horizons, move the boundaries and conquer new worlds.

The idea of colonizing space is not just the luxury of man’s ambitious spirit: it is also a necessity, if we really want to secure the safety of our species in the next couple of centuries. That is the exact reason why CPN is initiating these discussions.



PhD Anđelka Kovačević, astronomer, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University

PhD Saša Marković, astronautics’ popularizer, PSTech

Žarko Milićević, astronautics’ popularizer, ”Lazar Komarčić” The Science Fictions Club „Lazar Komarčić“

Srđan Marković, Serbian Candidate for Mars One mission

Moderator: Slobodan Bubnjević, Communications Editor CPN-a

цпн трибина

цпн трибина


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