Exhibition art+science+makers

Experiment, Making and Technology
It is human nature to observe, question, explore, test and create – to experiment.

We have always sought to understand the world around us and thus explain our reality in best possible terms. One of the approaches used in this process is to experiment; this enables us to check whether the world around us behaves in accordance with the current views and theoretical expectations. However, the results of an experiment are often unexpected. It is the experimental method that teaches us about the balance between two seemingly different approaches – openness to the new ideas on the one hand, and the harshest skepticism about the observations and ideas, on the other hand.

Experiment in art shocks, confuses and reveals, asks questions seeking to evoke inquisitiveness of an observer-participant. An artistic experiment awakes individual and collective critical consciousness, as well as induces introspection and unique perception of the world around us.

A scientist uses an experiment to determine whether the world acts in accordance with the formulated hypothesis and theoretical expectations. The objective of an experiment is the reliability of the result, the research process that is clearly defined and the experiment’s reproducibility in a controlled environment, including the discipline and the objectivity of the experimenter.

Both artists and scientists create a myriad of new objects, phenomena and processes. Their research and experimentation are the engine of technological innovations. The development of new technologies and their increasing availability in the market, makes it possible for the artists and scientists to expand their field of research, go beyond the traditional frameworks and at the same time facilitate their mutual cooperation. Availability of knowledge, data, information sharing through open platforms and networks, instigate new, more complex forms of experimentation and work on collaborative projects, thereby establishing new relations and diminishing boundaries between disciplines.

The exhibition art+science+makers presents a series of works by authors whose approach is characterized by a desire to understand life at both micro and macro levels, by looking at it from the inside and the outside and creating tools and devices for the explanation of this phenomenon. The exhibited art installations bring together teams and individuals who are willing to go beyond the scope of the traditionally defined disciplines and collaborate through fusing different areas of research and artistic expressions.

The themes we are being introduced to in this unique exhibition setting, confront us with our everyday challenges and our presence in an environment characterized by technological advances. They give shape and form to the invisible aspects of modernity and humanity. The authors of the art+science+makers exhibition ask important questions that are the part of our present. By materializing the creative use of technology, they allow us to gain new insights into occurrences and phenomena that we are part of in our own right. We will experience the visualization of our own heartbeat, wonder what our digital root on the Internet looks like and how the impact of our presence on the network is manifested; we will learn who or what creates new works of literature – humans or the machines and how the literary works of art are created, ask ourselves are we the ones who control or are we being controlled, understand how the scientific work and practice become art, listen to the sound of mathematical chaos, grasp how creative visualization opens new perspectives and introduces new interpretation of data, have an opportunity to bring to life a photographic landscape, compare the building techniques of different biological species and test whether the technological avatar can evoke empathy in humans.

Welcome to the world of experiment, making and technology!

Mirjana Utvić and Bojan Kenig