Azucena Giganto and Guillermo Casado

Deep Life

Deep Life is an interactive installation that explores and reflects on the life and structure of the processes and relationships between living things that allow life to happen. The network of relationships can be observed at different scales – micro and macroscopic – and it is also something alive in itself, sensitive to the presence of visi- tors, mutates and reacts unpredictably as an analogy with the interventions and actions of human beings in Nature. Deep Life was originally exhibited in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid in 2012 as part of the exhibition “España Explora. Expedición Malaspina 2010” (Spain Explores. Malaespinaʼs Expedition 2010).
Deep Life is the evolution of another installation called “The Tree of Life”. It was awarded with a production incentive in the VIDA International Awards 2010 by the Telefónica Foundation. It was also a finalist for the Digital Encounters of the Complutense University of Madrid in 2011.

Azucena Giganto

Graduate in Fine Arts in Universidad Complutense in Madrid.
Multimedia Artist. Her main tool for investigation and expression is image in movement, especially in digital media and new technologies. For twelve years she has been in her own design company specialized in “motion graphics” and “FX”. She has participated in important creative projects in different fields – cinema, TV, scenic arts, exhibitions.

Guillermo Casado

Multimedia designer, engineer and digital artist specialized in interactive media. Currently based in Madrid. Since 2006 participates in design and development of interactive multimedia installations in several areas of art (performing arts, dance, literature…) as well as for commercial projects.
His work is located in an area where several disciplines and philosophies converge: art, science, technology, sociology, play, experiment, learning…
His tools are mainly open source software and hardware (processing, openframeworks, opengl, Pure Data, Arduino, Scratch).