Dark Wind Trilogy

Quadrature (2014), with White Sample
The Sixth Wave of Mass Extinction (2015), with Didi Bruckmayr
Chant of The Proto-Alchemists (2016), with Mussurunga

“Radical art as something that expresses important topics in a very basic and understandable way, maybe also loud and expressive way, is an important strategy to make the audience aware of a pressing socio-political topic. So if you want to use this as a strategy I think it is important to act and think strategically and place it in the right situation – and work it out thoroughly. All Dark Wind Trilogy performances were tailored to a specific location. They were the rituals of voiding (nullifying) the general understanding of how certain spaces should be used. We chose our performance spaces carefully and used them as an instrument which needed to be played differently from how it was normally played or what seemed proper. By choosing analogue and digital audio-visual tools and instruments from the domain of DIY electronics, circuit-bending and data-bending, and performing with them live on-stage, raum.null built micro-universes that filled the performance spaces and immersed audiences into different realities in which some storytelling occured. Dark Wind Trilogy works were closely connected to critical use of both new and obsolete tools and procedures to produce waves of auditive and visual noise in performance space, thus invading audience’s personal space and making them resonate with performance’s beat.” Claudia Schnugg, Producer


raum.null are sound artists Dobrivoje Milijanovic (Belgrade) and Chris Bruckmayr (Linz). Mussurunga is Siegmar Aigner – performer, opera singer, Kyma scientist.
The name raum.null (space zero) refers to the potential existence of an existential Nil, a hidden force field inside the hole of a three-dimensional torus, a scientific model describing the shape of the universe.
raum.null searches artistically and sonically for the ultimate drone, the meta drone or the primal soup of noise. In its musical concept a drone of all drones exists. Like the background radiation in the known universe you can detect but not immediately isolate the various subdrones in it. The members of raum.null are sonic archeologists, isolating drones and their hidden pulses (the basic grooves) out of this primal soup of noise.

+ Participation of Chris Bruckmayr and Siegmar Aigner is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade