About the Centre

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The CPN is a government institution competent for the promotion and the popularization of science.

The Centre was created in spring 2010, and its establishment enacted by the Law on Scientific research (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 18/10). After officially becoming recognized as a public institution (registered on 23rd November 2010), pursuant to the Law, the Centre took competence over the promotion of science from the competent ministry.

However, the Centre is more than just an ordinary public institution.

The CPN is part of the overall strategic plan for the development of Serbia as a knowledge based economy, constant innovation and networking being its essential resources

The idea to create the Centre emerged from the need to bring science closer to the population, as a necessary condition to increase the general scientific literacy and thus assure the future technological progress in Serbia. After years of crisis, science remained isolated from the society and a larger public in general, so the State took the necessary initiative to bridge this gap.

On the other hand, during the past few years, a number of individual initiatives aimed at science promoting emerged throughout Serbia. In order to support and strengthen these activities, the Republic of Serbia assigned the Centre the task to stimulate, strengthen and bind together all these initiatives and create a large front for scientific culture widespread.

Thanks to the financial agreement with the European Bank of Investment, the Republic of Serbia should build a whole new impressive building for the Centre on a location in Block 39 in New Belgrade. The building in itself represents a daring combination of imagination, technology and progress. It will host a interactive exhibition of scientific phenomena, a planetarium, different labs, conference halls, lecture rooms and a Kids Science Club.

However, the Centre exists without a building of its own and already started working – by organizing promotions, lectures and workshops all over Serbia and editing numerous publications on science popularization.

You can also take part in the activities of the Centre for the promotion of science! Our goal is to stimulate curiosity and creativity, and inspire young people to opt for a future career in science.


Science as an event

Popular science events and exhibitions are broad ranging, exciting and available to everyone. Each season, a new wave of interaction, fun and knowledge is being triggered by a variety of interesting subjects, such as: robots, forests, animals, CERN, ground breaking technology, and, of course, math.

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science through discussion

Popular science CPN panels are always a nice opportunity to spend some quality time. Carefully produced, with stimulating, up-to-date topics and renowned lecturers, CPN panels attract great attention of media and a great number of visitors, as well.

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Reading about science

Famous writers, scientists and promoters explain the world in a different manner - using everyday language, with transparency and clarity. They speak of new ideas, scientific paradigms and human knowledge, in general. CPN publications are available, attention-grabbing and rich in content.

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Science on the road

CPN’s portable planetarium is one of the Center’s major programs. The planetarium calls upon cities across Serbia, bringing knowledge, joy and expanding horizons of students living in remote areas.

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